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All info in this section appears on Public Profile.

Usability: User clicks one of these main tabs, and the information swaps out.

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About Me

Please see mockup sent.

About Me Form appears here by default, opened to “Basic Info”.

The icons are (obviously) placeholders.



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Services & Rates

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Dates/ Times


Below is a quick look at how it might appear to the Client on the Public Profile.

Service 1
Home Visit
One Hour
Service 2
Group Play Therapy
See Packages

1. Service Type + Rate

  • Describe
  • Add Location
  • Add Session Type
  • Gift Certificate (I think this should be a global thing, not Service Type specific)

2. Packages (These are created on Session/ Class pages, respectively. No need for it’s own tab at the admin level, altho it might be good to show at Public Profile level. Alternatively, all Sessions, Classes and Packages can appear in the “Type of Service” dropdown.

Payment Types Accepted

Economic Hardship Accepted?

Empty section. Edit page to add content here.

My Clients

See Indesign Mockup. Thanks.

I’d like to work on this list.

“All” of each subtype is is selected by default.

Disabilities, not Special Needs

Everything (All/ Any) should be selected by default. User deselects the populations not served.

Payment Types Accepted

Gift Vouchers